It is very important for agricultural enterprises to monitor the fuel consumption of their cars, their mileage and the area of cultivated land.

The control of these data is easy to carry out with the help of NaviSAT GPS tracking system. The high level of detail of the maps used by NaviSAT system allows determining accurately the location of agricultural machines as well as evaluating their operating performance.

The zone creation mode is a great tool for assessing and planning the volume of works. Make just a few clicks and you will be able to determine the boundaries of the treated field for a particular piece of equipment.
NaviSAT system displays the dynamics of area processing in a user-friendly way, which allows evaluating and improving the operation efficiency.

NaviSAT benefits

  • optimization of traffic control process

  • high degree of control and safety of cargo transportation

  • reduction of response time

  • selection of optimal size of car fleet

  • reduction in fuel consumption

  • prevention of improper use of car fleet

  • increase in the useful life of cars

  • improving the staff discipline