Car Rental

When lend leasing the motor vehicles, the companies were previously not able to perform effective control over the compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract and it gave rise to a number of specific abuses in this field which were often committed in collusion with employees of these companies.

Today, NaviSAT GPS-tracking system allows determining where and how the equipment is operated, whether modes of operation (engine speed, speed limits, location) are violated.

The use of NaviSAT GPS-tracking system is beneficial to you and your customers, who are also willing to have reliable data which can help to reduce excessive fuel consumption rates, reduce and avoid the occurrence of the insured risk as well as to extend the period of operation of company vehicle.

NaviSAT benefits

  • optimization of traffic control process

  • high degree of control and safety of cargo transportation

  • reduction of response time

  • selection of optimal size of car fleet

  • reduction in fuel consumption

  • prevention of improper use of car fleet

  • increase in the useful life of cars

  • improving the staff discipline