Amid the crisis, the construction market in the Republic of Moldova experiences high competition between companies.

Whereas the biggest area of expenditures falls with the delivery and transportation of building materials, it results in full-time use of vehicles and thousands of kilometers of driving every month.

Therefore, the unauthorized hauls, unjustified standstills of vehicles and unscheduled repairs increase significantly the company costs.

The use of NaviSAT GPS tracking system will allow you to:
– Perform full control and as a result thereof to reduce operating costs ensuring in this way improvement of the company competitiveness.

– Improve the discipline of company drivers.
– Reduce the number of cases of fuel theft, reduce the fuel consumption by reducing the mileage, monitoring the actual consumption, drains and refills of fuel by GPS tracking system as well as control of transport.
– Improve haulage safety and reduce the probability of theft of construction machinery.
– Carry out the automatic control of the entry into and exit from certain enterprise facilities as well as contractors, counting the number of round trips and hours of downtime on site.
– Get reliable information on the equipment operation for further evaluation of effectiveness of operation on each site and of each driver.

NaviSAT benefits

  • optimization of traffic control process

  • high degree of control and safety of cargo transportation

  • reduction of response time

  • selection of optimal size of car fleet

  • reduction in fuel consumption

  • prevention of improper use of car fleet

  • increase in the useful life of cars

  • improving the staff discipline