Public Utility

Operation in the field of housing services is one of the most responsible and necessary works that are performed daily. Provision of public amenities, improvement of yards and streets depends directly on the quality of work performed.

NaviSAT system allows analyzing and improving the efficiency of transport use, controlling equipment stay in the so-called “points of interest”, reducing and optimizing financial costs and preventing the misuse of transport.

When using the NaviSAT system, you can significantly improve the quality of provided housing services by preventing the misuse of car fleet and optimize in this way its performance and size.

NaviSAT benefits

  • optimization of traffic control process

  • high degree of control and safety of cargo transportation

  • reduction of response time

  • selection of optimal size of car fleet

  • reduction in fuel consumption

  • prevention of improper use of car fleet

  • increase in the useful life of cars

  • improving the staff discipline