Transport & Distribution

The control of the current location of the vehicle and its detailed en route mileage is a serious problem in the organization of cargo transportation.

Usually, these problems are solved by the application of standards and use of approximate distances. Unfortunately, this approach does not reflect the real picture of fuel consumption.

The use of NaviSAT monitoring system for vehicles allows tracking the location of a vehicle accurately and also allows controlling the fuel consumption along the entire route.

NaviSAT system allows increasing the control over drivers and improving their discipline for preventing unauthorized deviations of route or improper use of vehicles.

NaviSAT benefits

  • optimization of traffic control process

  • high degree of control and safety of cargo transportation

  • reduction of response time

  • selection of optimal size of car fleet

  • reduction in fuel consumption

  • prevention of improper use of car fleet

  • increase in the useful life of cars

  • improving the staff discipline